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and texas. who would think that would be where we're dealing with a christmas snowstorm but it is. we had reports up to 12 inches of snow. we have winner storm warnings there. around another six to eight inches of snow falling across some spots. interstate 25, i-10 through texas. snow i-20 in midland. maybe you will see a white christmas. hard to imagine there. here is where the snow is across the country. all the action is across parts of the west. pacific northwest and through the rockies where you expect to see that we'll see a bit of a white christmas in oklahoma, texas and in towards kansas. look at fargo, north dakota, nothing. indianapolis, nothing. last year all the floods in the spring will not happen this year because we don't have the snow back. even the northeast not looking at white christmas for almost everybody. that means you will get home for christmas. that is the good part. jon: that is the good news. i will take a holiday without a lot of travel nightmares. rick, thank you. jenna: knock on wood. you don't want to jinx us now. jon: i'm knocking. can you hear me? jenna:
in to hit the southwestern united states, arizona, parts of colorado, texas, and then on into the midwest with a lot of rain. over on remote 295, maria molina is going to tell us what this storm is going to do, because i sure can't. maria. >> reporter: good morning, jon, good morning, everyone. unfortunately this storm system is really going to start to strength then afternoon and into tonight and tuesday morning and start to produce blizzard-like conditions across parts of the plains, with a whole lot of snow, up to a foot and a half is possible. right now the stormst already bring thank snow across portions of colorado and also new mexico, where that cold air is in place, but ahead of it, it's not having snow. tennessee, beneficial rain, parts of oklahoma getting in on that action. that's not going to be enough to put us out of a drought that's been ongoing across those areas for a year now but we'll take the rain where we can get it, of course. >>> here's a closer look at that snow across new mexico, albuquerque, santa may -- santa fe. the heaviest accumulations will be to the east as
will work its way in from gulf of mexico. we bring icy conditions across portions of texas and oklahoma. there is the future raid today as we go through -- radar as we go through saturday and sunday. a lot of snow and we could see heavy rain across portions of the ohio and tennessee river valley but the thing i'm concerned with, not only winds in parts of the southwest but the ice. we actually have freezing rain advisories for parts of texas panhandle up through oklahoma and new mexico. we're not done with this storm system by any means. the good news is we won't see the incredible winds we saw yesterday. coming up, guys, we'll have adam housley in pasadena showing incredible damage in one of the hardest hit areas. jenna: luckily we're going into the weekend. maybe that keeps more people off the roads commuting and things like that. maybe good news as we look at tough weather conditions. jd, thank you so much. >> okay, jenna, that pink on the map never good news. as we've been telling you the unemployment rate drops but that's not necessarily a sign of good things happening. economists
in july a u.s. army private was arrested near fort hood texas plotting a shooting spree and bombing. the same place where major nadal hassan is charged with the deadly shooting rampage back in 2009. in june the fbi busted two men on terror and firearm charges in connection with a plot to attack a seattle military processing center. that are a few that are discussed today. chief correspondent catherine herridge is live in washington with more. >> reporter: thank you. lawmakers testifying since 2001 there have been 33 alleged plots against the u.s. military domestically and 70% have occurred since june 2009 representing a significant spike. >> american servicemembers and their families are increasingly in the terrorists scope and not just overseas in traditional war settings so that the premise of this hearing, this joint hearing is not theoretical. it is based on fact. >> reporter: from both sides of the aisle senior lawmakers called on the obama administration to recognize that you can't talk about the threat without talking about religion. >> our government has to recognize at some
romney, gingrich and texas governor rick perry who may be getting the second look from voters he thought. santorum and paul and bachmann retain we might concur the procast nation vote. responding to romney's suggestion that he might be wilting from the heat generated by super pac attack ads, gingrich challenged romney to a 90-minute debate with no moderator. >> we'll bring all of his negative ads show them for free and he can explain them. [laughter] we'll find out tomorrow how he likes the heat and whether he can't to come in the kitchen or whether in fact he is just another normal, national politician with clever consultants and a lot of money but no willingness to stand up and tell the truth. >> reporter: visiting the littleton elks lodge in bethlehem, new hampshire romney confessed to buzzing on sugar high, on breakfast consisted, i'm reporting frosted flakes, toast with honey and chocolate milk. last night while touring metal works in hand cover, romney offered specific examples where he cut the national enbudget, national undoughment for arts and pbs. he was quick to ad i'm not goi
danger zone a small plane crashed in central texas after the pilot radioed ahead about bad weather. listen to this it is a sad story. five people, including two children died in that crash. very dangerous weather across this country. mike tobin watching this for us. he is in chicago with more. mike, when it comes to traveling not a whole lot of happy campers out there today. >> reporter: no, only people happy about this right now are the jenna, are the ski resorts. blizzard conditions are reported in different parts of colorado. if you're going over the river and through the woods this week, rethink the travel plans particularly if the travel plans take you through the great plains or heartland of america. it is a massive storm that stretches from new mexico into kansas. six people have already died as a result of traffic wrecks. that is usually people get on the road, get into trouble. southwest kansas is described as completely shut down with more than 10 inches of snow. wind blowing around that snow and more snow coming in. the oklahoma panhandle is also described as a blizzard.
of texas represented isolationist point of view warning perils of his fellow republicans beating the war drum against iran while michele bachmann of minnesota represented interventionist point of viewpointing out the threat of iran islamic theocracy. >> to declare war on 1.2 billion muslims and say all muslims are the same, this is dangerous talk. >> with all due respect to ron paul i think i have never heard a more dangerous answer for american security than the one that we just heard from ron paul. the problem would be, the greatest underreaction in world history if we have an avowed madman who uses that nuclear weapon to wipe nations off the face of the earth. >> reporter: in general terms it is the bachmann point of view that has prevailed in conservative and republican thought over the past few decade favoring a more muscular foreign policy. another point of contention during this debate just how close iran is actually achieving a nuclear weapons capability. congressman paul disputed timeline one here saying experts here are deeply divided. jenna. jenna: a big issue. one we'll talk
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came out at the des moines state fairgrounds and threw his support behind the texas congressman kicking off a huge sort of last minute iowa moment in which michele bachmann had called mr. sorenson out and said he had, essentially, been bribed or sold out for money in order to switch his allegiance. sorenson adamantly denies that, notwithstanding bachmann's continuing assertion that he said as much yesterday. pretty amazing with five days left. arthel: indeed. and i'm going to be talking to a poll surrogate momentarily and just the momentum moving beyond iowa. but all eyes are on iowa, five days left. carl cameron, good to see you, thank you. jon: well, carl just mentioned some new poll numbers in iowa putting mitt romney at the head of the pack. the time magazine/cnn poll shows romney on top with 25%, ron paul hot on his heels, 22%. rick santorum, the former pennsylvania senator, surging into third with 16 president. a look at the latest polling average from real clear politics shows ron paul and mitt romney in a virtual tie with newt gingrich losing ground and rick santorum closing --
the attorney general over "fast and furious". he is a texas republican. he sits on the senate judiciary committee and chairman of the republican senatorial cmittee. nice to have you back with us. >> thank you very much. jenna: just to be clear have are bun one of the lawmakers to ask the attorney general to resign? >> i've asked the attorney general to come clean and share with us the fact if in fact the facts ought to tell us where this investigation should go the as the attorney general admitted yesterday there will be more people die on both sides of the border as a result of this program and to date, jenna, nobody, nobody, at the department of justice has been held accountable include being the attorney general himself. jenna: we've had four hearings on this so far and a big question is, is what's next? how do you define success in this investigation, senator? do i want to see more resignations? is that how you know the investigation is successful? how do you define it? >> part of the problem is the department of justice has misled congress as a result of the letter that was discuss
. they claim to have stole a credit card information from a texas-based security firm. the data belonging to clients include the army, the air force and major companies like apple. doug mckelway live in washington. is this just the start of it, doug? >> reporter: that is the impression this loosely affiliated group of hackers known as anonymous wants us to believe. in a statement posted on a blogging website, quoting now, worry not fellow pirates and robin hoods. these are just the as. as it now stands more than 4,000 people representing various clients and and subscribers to stratfor may have had credit card data compromised. hundreds of victims are reporting hundreds of dollars are missing from their accounts, deposited into the accounts of charitable organizations including red cross, care and save the children. stratfor, a think tank devoted to military, economic and intelligence security, has admitted it was attacked. in a statement to its clients it said quoting now, on december 24th an unauthorized party disclosed personally identifiable information and related credit card data of
shows that it is working. look at the five guys we interviewed at l.a. sky chefs in texas. they paid a $6 fee to enter them in a nationwide competition. each guy lost at least 20% of his body weight and one dropped an amazing 100 pounds in 13 weeks. and the payoff, in addition obviously feeling lot betters, was a cash prize of $10,000. >> we're happy. we lost a lot of weight. we're healthier. motivating people, sometimes needs to come from different sources. >> reporter: of course the problem is a lot bigger than just five guys in dallas. this is a $2 trillion tab we have in this country for health care. obesity, one-third of americans are obese according to the cdc. $116 billion a year extra in health care costs due to diabetes which is now the number one health threat in america. it is a big problem. it will take a long time to change the curve. jenna. jenna: big problem as you mentioned, if you lose weight, you're healthier. you're getting some cash. that is a pretty good deal from the company you mentioned. what about the opposite though? what happens if you're not losing weight
kitchen wait until the obama "hell's kitchen" turns up the heat. >> reporter: meantime texas congressman ron paul is looking to shore up his standing with pro-life voters with online ad highlighting his previous life as an ob/gyn. >> dr. ron paul, more than 4,000 babies delivered. a man of faith. committed to protecting life. >> some people need to have a good word said about them. ron is the sort of person that his life is his good word. >> you know, you just knew that ron cared about you. >> reporter: and the voters in iowa apparently care about ron paul because according to the "real clear politics" website and their average of major reliable polls, ron paul is the frontrunner in iowa. jon. jon: james rosen life in washington. james, thank you. jenna: right now congress is deadlocked. the house rejecting a measure approved in the senate to extend the payroll tax cut or payroll tax holiday, however you want to call it another two months. there is no deal right now. it means taxes could go up for millions of americans in a matter of days. the millions of those who have a job and who get
it. really quick. i have only a minute. you wrote a lot about texas and governor rick perry. do you think he is out or do you think he has a chance? >> i think it is a real long shot unless he shows, performs very strongly in these debates. the one thing rick perry has that the other second-tier candidates don't is money. he has got a lot money. he can run ads in iowa. he better come in first or second or it is back to austin. jenna: see what happens. meantime cage match. >> let's have it. jenna: great editorial today. we appreciate the time. >> thanks, jenna. jenna: you will see the last sparring match before the iowa caucuses right here. the republican presidential debate, 9:00 p.m. eastern time live from sioux city, only here on fox news channel. see what happens tonight. it could be really interesting. it will be. we'll be right back. okay, team! after age 40, we can start losing muscle -- 8% every 10 years. wow. wow. but you can help fight muscle loss with exercise and ensure muscle health. i've got revigor. what's revigor? it's the amino acid metabolite, hmb to help rebuild mu
run 1400 miles from canada down to the texas gulf coast. they staged a massive protest here in desee outside the white house called the president to stand with them. decision was due december 31st. the word came with the pipeline passed one environmental study by the state department would have be evaluated all over again. the state department now says, quote, after consultations with a broad range of stakeholders we determined it is necessary to specifically address alternative routes around the environmentally sensitive nebraska sand hills. we anticipate the vail could conclude early as the first quarter of 2013. republicans say they find that timing suspicious and they want the president to get this project moving. >> so here's the bottom line. the president has said time and time again that his top priority is jobs. yet here we've got the single largest shovel-ready project in the country ready to go, ready to go and he is delaying its approval interestingly enough, until after the election next year. >> reporter: the white house says this is not a political decision. senate repu
. and scientists are now adding to the tally. wildfires in arizona, news mexico and texas. that state experienced its most destructive fires on record burning more than a million acres. the flames fueled by a persistent drought all across the south. jenna: well, we are, i'm just waiting to find out exactly where we're going next. here we are. we're going to capitol hill next. we have had a few technical difficulties because we really want to get our next guest in because this is all about what is happening with the mf global, former senator, former governor, former goldman sachs ceo jon corzine. he is about to be grilled about the collapse of this firm. it is one of the biggest collapses of a financial firm in the history of our country. corzine is making his first appearance since the firm's failure. he says he was stunned out more than a billion dollars was missing from customers accounts. we know that because he released a statement. that is what he is going to stay in front of this hearing but we also have with us vermont congressman peter welch. he is a democrat on the agricultural committee
on the fox news channel cohosted by three states attorneys general. it was all about policy, texas governor rick perry taking the opportunity to sneak in a little politicing asking for a recess with voters. take a listen. >> it's an wild and wooly ride in this primary and i expect it's going to stay the same so i hope everyone will give me a second look and take a look at my plan that cuts taxes and balance the budgets, that gets america working again and overhauls washington. jon: meanwhile, former governor mitt romney defending his massachusetts health care law, blasting president obama's national overhaul. >> do i like the bill overall? yes. am i proud of what we did for our state? yes. but what the president has done is way beyond what we envisioned. we were trying to take care of the 8 percent of our population that didn't have insurance. the president, it's not -- it's not just worried about the people without insurance. omabacare is about taking over 100 percent of the peoples' insurance in this country. jon: with us now, one of the cohosts of that forum, virginia attorney general ke
. the iowa caucuses of course. texas congressman ron paul, leading or at least tying for first in the latest hawk-eye state polls. the new frontrunner boasting a formidable ground organization, key to getting his supporters to show up on january 3rd. it will be a frigid outing for those supporters. chief political correspondent carl cameron joins us live from newton, iowa. >> reporter: we are at the iowa speedway where ron paul will be rallying supporters in about an hour and telling them it's time to put the pedal to the metal in the spinal sprint for the caucuses. mr. paul has been leading in a lot of the polls for weeks now. as a consequence he has been under considerable fire for his arrive values. mr. paul was one of the first to go on the air with attack ads. he's added a new one day which will run up to the day beforehand of the caucus. he goes after his rivals collectively as washington insiders, unreliable and incapable of really doing the people's business because of their insider status, listen. >> the washington machine is strangling our economy. politicians who supported bail ou
the last few days has begun to erode the texas congressman's momentum. we are getting awfully close. as we talk about the last four days there is a little thing in the way here. the new year's eve three-day weekend makes it difficult for the candidates to reach caucus goers. there are bowl football games. we'll be heading out of here in des moines to go up to ames. rick santorum is doing a forum and we'll go see him. he has been something of a cyclone in the polls and the momentum game, surging in the polls. you see it with the crowds and the buzz he's generated as well. jon: we spoke with him, jaime did the last hour, he seems to have the big momentum moving his way. is this really his weekend to peak? >> reporter: every single republican candidate who has campaigned in iowa, largely against mitt romney tph-p in many cases has had their opportunity. you can't argue with rick santorum's timing come to a crest and peeking in the polls as he does. it's late. whether he can climb to third or even second-place in the polls we'll have to see in a couple of days. he got a big boost overnight. an
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